Brew Review #65


Bird Street Brewing 198 IPA 

Bottled. No Date. ABV 7%

Appearance: Amber, Sligh Haze, Two fingers white fluffy head.

Aroma: Citrus, Orange Peel

Palate: Orange Peel, Slight Malt

Finish: Sweet, Slight Hops, Dry Mouth, Nutty

Experience: This is my first time having a beer from this brewery. Even for a beer with more a stronger malt backbone the hop combo of columbus, centeninal, mosaic, amarillo and el dorado mellowed it out and made the beer more enjoyable for my liking. Grade 4.6/5.


Brew Review #57


Tactical Ops Brewing, Inc. Shrapnel IPA

Bottled. No Date. ABV 8% IBUs 85

Appreance: Amber, Slight Hazy (Cloudy). Half finger of soapy white head.

Aroma: Dank, Tropical Notes

Palate: Light Body, Citrus, Slight Malt

Finish: Smooth, Toasted Hazelnut

Experience: This is my first beer from Tactical Ops (another local Fresno brewery). I was super stoked on the aroma of beer (I get excited when I smell the dank on the nose) but was a little deceiving. It was hoppier than malty (which I was happy about of course) but the malt backbone was present which took a little away from my palate but overall not bad. I did appreciate the hops that came through the finish with a dry mouth. I will take this as a success for my first time trying this brewery. Grade 4.2/5.

Brew Review #56


House of Pendragon Brewing Co. All Haze Sir Lancelot NE Style IPA 

Bottled. No Date. ABV 7%

Color (Appearance): Hazy, Pineapple, Orange Juice. Half a finger of white soapy head.

Smell (Aroma): Danky, Earthy, Slight Tropical Fruits

Taste (Palate): Citrus, Pineapple, Light Body

Aftermath (Finish): Dry Mouth, Bitter

Experience: Yes, yes, yes! This was such a great beer. This was my third hazy NE style beer from HOP and this was their best so far. I was happy to see that they brought down the ABV because that allowed for more flavors to come through compared to the last two I have reviewed. This beer was not overly juicy, more hop profile, smooth and a definite crusher. Out of our small selection of local breweries that we have in Fresno, HOP is becoming one of my favorites in town (sorry Tioga-Sequoia). I enjoy that they have a new brew every Thursday and they truly showcase a handful of different style of beers. Grade 5/5.

Brew Review #36


Pine & Palm Brewing Hayz-Warz New England Style IPA 

Crowler. ABV 7.2%

Color: Hazy, Guava and Pineapple Juice, Unfiltered, Half Finger Head

Smell: Mango, Tropical, Earthy

Taste: Asparagus, Citrus, Hop Forward

Aftermath: Dry, Apricot, Hops

Experience: Got to got to the brewery for the second time and tried a few of their beers. On the flight, I had three IPAs and a Berliner. Before trying this beer at the brewery I had an Apricot Berliner that was very good but over powered my palate and I could not get a good taste on this beer (the reason I went to the brewery in the first place). Had to get a crowler for myself and my brother-in-law. So trying it again, this beer is unique but good. It looks like a juice bomb and has the smell of tropical flavors but the taste is very west coast style IPA which I enjoyed. I kept getting asparagus on the taste but not sure what caused that taste. I enjoyed the beer overall. Grade 4.8/5.

Brew Review #30


Mad Duck Craft Brewing Co. Opulence Oatmeal Stout

Draft. ABV 5.7%

Color: Coffee, Not Black, Light

Smell: Coffee Notes, Light Cold Brew

Taste: Nutty, Coffee, Chocolate, Light Body

Aftermath: Coffee, Cola

Experience: Oatmeal stout? I remember I loved going to their first location with my wife when they first opened a couple minutes from the house. It was the first place we could find good beer on draft. One day they told us that they were making their own beer and asked if we wanted to try it. Of course, I said yes! Then I had and was not impressed. After a few years of still going to try different guest tap, they had opened a huge brew house by the University. That was cool to see them grow but still never went for their beer. While meeting my dad for lunch I really wanted to just try their beers but could not when I say the guest tap list (see previous reviews). I finally decided to try the stout. The body and color was so light for a stout but still had some good flavors. I feel like they could have so much more potential but they are missing something. Grade 3/5.

Brew Review #27


House of Pendragon Force Ghost NE Style IPA 

Bottled. Released 7/22/17 (Reviewed 7/24/17). ABV 6.8%

Color: Hazy, Tangerine Juice, Half Finger Width Head

Smell: Pineapple, Mango, Tropical Fruits

Taste: Grapefruit, Pineapple, Juice, Hops

Aftermath: Mango Pineapple Juice

Experience: I am loving the special releases the House of Pendragon (HOP) is putting out. The tap room is only 3 minutes from my house! So that makes it even better. They have been doing such a great job with these hazy New England style IPAs. Makes me dig this style of IPA a lot. Compared to their last release this one has no alcohol taste at the end. Like I have said before I am new to the hazy style IPAs so I am all about them and they are a great introduction to people who may not like IPAs. The only criticism about this beer is I wish there were a little more hop profile to it. But other than that great beer! Going to try and pick up another bottle or two for myself and brother in-law. Grade 4.8/5.

Brew Review #16


Riley’s Brewery Hammered IPA  (New England Style) 

Growler (Filled 7/11/17, the first day released). ABV 9.5% IBUs 80

Color: Hazy, Half a Finger Width Head, Amber

Smell: Pineapple, Citrus

Taste: Mango, Hoppy, Light Body, Guava 

Aftermath: Sweet, Alcohol

Experience: Found out the day of that Riley’s Brew Pub was doing a meet and greet with one of their brewers and releasing this new IPA. Always enjoy events like this especially if I can enjoy with friends and family. My wife and I met my dad for this event (teaching him more about craft beer and my wife loves craft beer). We had a few of their beers and small samples of others while we waited for the event to start. I tried their XPA (Extra Pale Ale), Session IPA, and their other IPA before trying their new release. Overall, the beers were okay and some lacked a few things that I personally enjoy but the food is amazing and the atmosphere is cool. The new released IPA had a great nose and the taste was completely different but overall good IPA. Picked up a growler to review at home. Grade 3.8/5.



Brew Review #14


Tioga-Sequoia Jungle Juice West Coast IPA (Art Hop Series)

Canned on 7/6/17 (Reviewed on 7/10/17). ABV 7.5%

Color: Hazy, Amber, Half Finger Width Head

Smell: Mango, Papaya

Taste: Hop Up Front, Pineapple, Bitterness (Bite)

Aftermath: Dry, Tart on Back

Experience: The name suggests New England style IPA but it also says West Coast IPA so I was interested to see what I was about to experience. The nose was very fruit forward and amazing. When I drank it I got nothing but hops, slight fruit. It was definitely a West Coast IPA. I have talked about Tioga-Sequoia being the first IPA I enjoyed (General Sherman) and I think they should make this one an all year beer for them or I will just have to try and get my hands on some more. I savored every sip of this beer. Grade 4.8/5.

Brew Review #11


Firestone (Walker) Luponic Distortion #006 (IPA) 

Canned on 6/21/17 (Today 7/6/17). ABV 5.9%

Color: Gold, Finger Width Head

Smell: Slight Dank, Skunk, Slight Mango, Cat Pee (???)

Taste: Hoppy, Earthy (Good)

Aftermath: Tropical Fruit, Stonefruit (Peaches), Bitterness, Dry

Experience: I have had all six batches now from this revolving IPA. As of now only batch one and six have been my favorite. Batch 2-5 have been good but I felt not too much had changed between batches to notice. Very refreshing but not a WOW factor, but a good IPA on a hot day (next 10 days will be 100+). Grade 4.2/5.

Brew Review #9


House of Pendragon Iron Patriot New England DIPA 

Growler (filled 7/4/17, the first day released). Special Release. ABV 8%

Color: Hazy, Pineapple Juice, No Head

Smell: Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Citrus

Taste: Grapefruit, Tangerine, Pineapple, Juicy

Aftermath: Pineapple, Hoppy, Alcohol, Dry Mouth

Experience: I am just getting introduced to New England hazy style of IPAs and I am enjoying them! It also is a great style to introduce people to IPAs that are not huge on hops. They are juicy and refreshing. I want more juice bombs! But very unique to my pallet and I am enjoying trying different styles of IPAs.