Brew Review #66


Sierra Nevada Cherry Chocolate Stout

Bottled. No Date. ABV 8.5%

Appearance: Black, Finger width head of root beer float head.

Aroma: Coffee

Palate: Cola, Cocoa Nibs, Cherry

Finish: Sweet, Dark Chocolate Bar, Hint of Coffee, Tart Cherry

Experience: Really looked forward to trying this beer. My boss surprised me with this beer. He picked it up in Chico. This was a really good beer that took me about an hour to finish because I savored every ship. This reminded me when I’m pairing red wine with chocolate and letting that chocolate sit and melt on my tongue (that was the flavor on the palate). Grade 5/5!

Brew Review #10


Knee Deep Brewing Co. Midnight Hoppiness (Imperial Black Rye IPA) 

Bottled. No Date. ABV 9.5% IBUs 100

Color: Black, Finger Width Head (Rootbeer Float)

Smell: Carmel, Coffee, Sweet

Taste: Cola, Coffee, Light Body

Aftermath: Slight Bitterness, More Coffee

Experience: It does not seem like a beer with 100 IBUs because the hoppiness is very light. This beer had more stout characteristics than an IPA. I did not get a lot of rye from the beer but could have been the sweetness of the beer. Overall, this beer was very enjoyable and right up my alley! Again, I feel this taste more like an Imperial Stout than IPA but still very good beer. Grade 4.2/5.