Brew Review #58


Oskar Blues Brewery IPA 

Canned on 4/25/17 (reviewed on 8/30/17). ABV 6.43%

Appearance: Slight Hazy (Cloudy), Gold (Straw). Half finger of thin white soapy head.

Aroma: Pineapple, Citrus, Earthy

Palate: Slight Pineapple, Citrus, Slight Malt

Finish: Orange Peel, Dry Mouth

Experience: I totally judged this beer before I had it. I thought it was going to be all malt and a disappointment. I was completely wrong. I was super pleased by this beer and all the characteristics that beer had to offer. Even after this beer being four months old had so much punch in flavor. I have learned more about “old” IPAs and the dating process. I do not think I will let beer dates on a bottle or can (if it is an IPA) affect my purchase decision. Grade 4.6/5.

Brew Review #57


Tactical Ops Brewing, Inc. Shrapnel IPA

Bottled. No Date. ABV 8% IBUs 85

Appreance: Amber, Slight Hazy (Cloudy). Half finger of soapy white head.

Aroma: Dank, Tropical Notes

Palate: Light Body, Citrus, Slight Malt

Finish: Smooth, Toasted Hazelnut

Experience: This is my first beer from Tactical Ops (another local Fresno brewery). I was super stoked on the aroma of beer (I get excited when I smell the dank on the nose) but was a little deceiving. It was hoppier than malty (which I was happy about of course) but the malt backbone was present which took a little away from my palate but overall not bad. I did appreciate the hops that came through the finish with a dry mouth. I will take this as a success for my first time trying this brewery. Grade 4.2/5.

Brew Review #56


House of Pendragon Brewing Co. All Haze Sir Lancelot NE Style IPA 

Bottled. No Date. ABV 7%

Color (Appearance): Hazy, Pineapple, Orange Juice. Half a finger of white soapy head.

Smell (Aroma): Danky, Earthy, Slight Tropical Fruits

Taste (Palate): Citrus, Pineapple, Light Body

Aftermath (Finish): Dry Mouth, Bitter

Experience: Yes, yes, yes! This was such a great beer. This was my third hazy NE style beer from HOP and this was their best so far. I was happy to see that they brought down the ABV because that allowed for more flavors to come through compared to the last two I have reviewed. This beer was not overly juicy, more hop profile, smooth and a definite crusher. Out of our small selection of local breweries that we have in Fresno, HOP is becoming one of my favorites in town (sorry Tioga-Sequoia). I enjoy that they have a new brew every Thursday and they truly showcase a handful of different style of beers. Grade 5/5.

Brew Review #55


Oskar Blues Brewery Old Chub Scotch Ale 

Canned on 4/21/17 (reviewed 8/24/17). ABV 8%

Color: Deep Reddish-Brown, No Head

Smell: Dog Treats, Beef

Taste: Stout Body, Medium Body, Beef Jerky

Aftermath: Leather, Grainy, Fruit Leather (now sweet)

Experience: What are that smell and taste? I know beef and dog treats may throw you off but that is the first thing that came to mind. It has a deep fruit leather texture and taste. This was a really good beer and unique! Heavy in ABV so I wouldn’t be crushing a lot of these in one night, but a slow sipper to truly enjoy the complexity of the beer. Grade 4.8/5.

Brew Review #54


The Unknown Brewing Co. Hospitali-Tea Southern Amber Ale

Canned. No Date. ABV 5.6%

Color: Deep Amber, Hazy, Two-Finger Head

Smell: Citrus, Orange Peel, Sticks

Taste: Carmel (not malt), Light Body, Tea

Aftermath: Smooth, Slight Hops

Experience: One of my favorite east coast breweries that make delicious, amazing IPAs. I was super stoked when my friend sent this can to me and found out that it was a unique and new beer that I have not had or from them. This was a southern twist on the traditional amber ale. So good! Grade 4.6/5.

Brew Review #53


Lonerider Brewing Co. Hoppy Ki Yay IPA 

Canned. Best by 11/2/17 (reviewed 8/24/17). ABV 6.6%

Color: Hazy, Amber, Two Finger Head

Smell: Zest, Grapefruit, Cleaning Products (???)

Taste: Malt, Medium Body

Aftermath: Sweet, Smooth

Experience: No hops. Canned says hopped with Columbus and Amarillo. Taste no hops at all. No dryness on the back end. Super upset about this beer. I have been striking out with IPAs lately. Makes me want to stop (haha) beer reviews and just stick with the IPAs I know are good. But again that is all part of the beer journey. Grade 2.6/5.


Brew Review #52


Catawba Brewing Co. White Zombie White Ale 

Canned. No Date. ABV 5.1%

Color: Hazy, Gold, Straw, Half-Finger Head

Smell: Malt, Popcorn

Taste: Corn, Popcorn (???)

Aftermath: Smooth

Experience: Not really sure how to review this beer. This might be my first white ale. This beer just has no flavor. There is nothing going on on my palate. Has the smell of popcorn but there is nothing really going as I taste it. Easy drinking but just kind of boring. I could crush a few of these to just say I did. Grade 2.8/5.

Brew Review #51


Oskar Blues Brewery Mama’s Little Yella Pils (Pilsner) 

Canned on 6/22/17 (reviewed 8/23/17). ABV 5.3%

Color: Hazy, Gold, Half-Finger Head

Smell: Cirtus, Lemon Zest

Taste: Carbonated, Sweet, Tart, Grapefruit

Aftermath: Smooth, Crisp

Experience: Typically I am not a fan of Pilsners but this one really impressed me. There was a lot of complex flavors for this type of beer. I really enjoyed the sneaky grapefruit bitterness I got on my tongue. Very easy drinking. Grade 4.4/5.

Brew Review #50


Hi-Wire Brewing Gose

Canned on 7/11/17 (reviewed 8/22/17). ABV 4.3%

Color: Hazy, Gold

Smell: Guava, Tart Candy

Taste: Guava, Tart Juice, Tropical Fruit

Aftermath: Salt, Creamy, Taffy

Experience: This beer was really really good. Starting to enjoy Gose style beers more and more. This is a great beer on a hot day. The finishing flavors are so complex and enjoyable. This was also my first beer from Hi-Wire. I will keep a look out for other beers that they make. Grade 4.8/5.

Brew Review #49


Agaisnt the Grain Brewery Rico Sauvin DIPA 

Canned. Not Date. ABV 8.2%

Color: Amber, Hazy, Finger and Half Head

Smell: Citrus, Malt

Taste: Sweet, Malty

Aftermath: Candy, Bready

Experience: Again, another can buy. And again, I smelt malt on the nose. And guess what I got. A non-hoppy, malty, flat beer. I don’t know how old this beer is but I am so effing tired of malty IPA beers. This is my opinion. I want it juicy or I want so much hops that I need to chew on that shit. I want hoppy, dank, citrus, fruit, light body, no malt (noticed on the palate) IPA. Can you all help me out where I can get this type of IPA? Grade 3.6/5.