How did you get into beer? 

Early years of college I drank cheap (nasty) beer. I was never a fan of hard alcohol and still not. I enjoy beer and wine. As explained in the About page my friend Jeremy had a beer tasting party where I was introduced to many different styles of beers. Now I enjoy and appreciate the hard work that goes into creating a beer. I enjoy the memories I create, the people I meet and the amazing beer I get to drink.

What’s your favorite beer?

That’s hard to answer. I don’t know what my favorite beer is but my favorite styles of beers are Stout, Porters, Barrel Aged (anything), Pale Ales, IPAs, IPLs, Gose and Sours. Also, the time of year will change what type of beers I gravitate towards.

If you could have one beer forever what would it be?

First thing that came to my mind was Stone’s Delicious IPA.

How is it you drink so much and stay healthy?

Because I have genes of a beast. Not. I am the complete opposite, I have every gene against me (haha). I follow a Ketogenic style diet and exercise 3-5 times a week. It is also nice that my jobs require me to be on my feet 9-10 hours a day and very active. Health is number one. Take care of your body so you can enjoy great beer!

Are you an alcoholic? 

No. Craft beer is a passion of mine; it is an art form to me. I don’t rely on beer and I don’t abuse it (all the time, I have had my moments).

Favorite beer ingredient? 


Do you brew?

No. Someday I would like to learn how too but for now I am happy with appreciating other people’s passion for brewing.

What was your first beer?

Budweiser. I was camping with my dad. He was having a beer and offered me a sip. It was nasty (all beer was to me) and couldn’t figure out why people drank beer.

Who do you in the beer world look up too? 

New to the community and don’t know a lot of people. I would say I look up to my buddy Jeremy for introducing me to this lifestyle and to Mikey, Nick, and Matt from The Perfect Pour Podcast.