Brew Review #48


Against the Grain Brewery A Beer Extra American Pale Ale 

Canned. No Date. ABV 4.5%

Color: Amber, Hazy, Finger Width Head

Smell: Citrus, Lemon Peel

Taste: Crackers, Light Body

Aftermath: Smooth, Plain, Slight Stout Consistency, Citrus

Experience: Totale can buy! No date on can so I do not know how old this beer is which sucks because I can’t tell if the taste is from old beer or that is just what the beer tastes like. It is not a bad beer just not a lot going on. The nose is misleading vs. the taste of the beer. Easy drinking beer for the lake or pool. Grade 3.8/5.

Brew Review #44


Modern Times Oneida Hoppy Sessionable Pale Ale 

Canned on 6/9/17 (reviewed 8/9/17). ABV 5.8% IBUs 50

Color: Hazy, Gold, Finger Width Head

Smell: Slight Dank, Earthy (good)

Taste: Cirtus, Floral

Aftermath: Juicy, Smooth, Dry Mouth

Experience: The can says call me an IPA if you want. Ha. I give it the respect to call it a hoppy, sessionable, pale ale. Damn you Modern Times you have done it again with a great beer. I always look forward to having a new beer from this brewery. Great beer! Grade 5/5.

Brew Review #42


Clown Shoes Beer Baked Goods Hoppy Pale Ale

Canned 6/21/17 (reviewed 8/9/17). ABV 5.5% IBUs 50

Color: Hazy, Amber, Gold, Two Finger Head

Smell: Citrus, Sweet

Taste: Sweet, Pineapple, Light Body

Aftermath: Light Hops, Smooth, Pineapple Juice

Experience: I was excited when I saw hoppy pale ale. I have had much success with this style and I was excited to dive in. This pale ale was very refreshing. This was my second beer from them and really enjoyed this one more than the last one I had. I truly enjoy a hop style of pale ales because the malt backbone is so light to zero (I feel like). Grade 4.8/5.

Sunday Tastings


We got a new red ale and we had not done a tasting in a few weeks so it was time to do a tasting! We compared two reds, two pale ale’s, and tried an IPA and a new Oktoberfest. I have reviewed a few of these beers but always fun to do comparisons with the team and beers that they have not tried.

Beers Tasted:

Sierra Nevada’s Oktoberfest
ABV 6% IBUs 30
Notes: Dark golden in color, a lot of malts (for me) but actually balanced well and did not mind compared to other Oktoberfest German styles that I have had in the past.

Tioga-Sequoia Firefall Red
ABV 5.2% IBUs 20
Notes: Malt profile with a crisp refreshing hop balance is what the description said. I got malt but no hop balance. I remember the beer being very just flat at the end. I use to enjoy red ambers/ales but have not really tried too many recently. Think it would be a good idea to start exploring “old” styles I use to enjoy before IPAs.

Drive Thru Red Dry Hopped Red Ale
ABV 7.2% IBUs 42
Notes: I was interested to try a red ale that had the dry hopped process. Well, more malt than hops and very rich. Not a huge fan but others seemed to enjoy it.

Lagunitas Pale Ale New DogTown (see review) & Coronado Brewing Co. Easy Up Pale (see review)

Green Fog Brewing Organic IPA
ABV 6.5%
Notes: Was not very impressed by this at all. Did not have a lot of characteristics of an IPA or flavor. Did not see if there was a bottling date on this beers (assuming not) but that could have been the issue as well.


Brew Review #38

IMG_4403 (1)

Lagunitas Pale Ale New DogTown 

Bottled. No Date. ABV 6.2%

Color: Amber, Carbonated, Half Finger Head

Smell: Malt, Apple Juice

Taste: Crisp, Cracker, Slight Malt, Bitter

Aftermath: Sweet, Slight Dryness

Experience: This is a really good easy drinking pale ale. Wish there was little more hops to taste but I think that is because I compare all my pale ales to Sierra Nevada which is more hop forward. Again, a really smooth beer that I could drink any day of the week (and all six beers). Drinks very light for a 6.2% and is perfect for this heat! Kept getting a spiced smooth apple juice taste which I enjoyed. This is a great balanced beer. Grade 4.6/5.

Brew Review #32


Coronado Brewing Co. Easy Up Pale (Pale Ale) 

Canned on 7/17/17 (Reviewed 7/26/17). ABV 5.2% IBUs 35

Color: Amber, Half Finger Head

Smell: Dank, Citrus, Cat Pee (??)

Taste: Floral, Citrus, Malt

Aftermath: Dank, Bitter

Experience: I have been getting so lucky with Pale Ales lately. First SLO Brew and now Coronado. Both had strong IPA characteristics. I am enjoying these a lot! I would like to compare these Pale Ales with Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale. This was an awesome beer! Grade 5/5!!

Brew Review #22


Track Seven Hoppy Palm Pale Ale 

Canned. No Date. ABV 5.7% IBUs 42

Color: Hazy, Amber, Gold, Two Finger Width Head

Smell: Citrus, Orange Peel, Little Guava

Taste: Grapefruit

Aftermath: Hop, Sweet

Experience: A tasty pale ale. It has been awhile since I have found a good pale ale. Thank you Track Seven! This beer was refreshing, juicy and tasty. I don’t have a lot to write about, this beer was just so damn good I want to drink more by the pool! Grade 4.9/5.


Brew Review #20


Peak Organic Brewing Co. The Juice Pale Ale 

Canned on 5/12/17 (reviewed on 7/13/17). ABV 5.6%

Color: Pineapple Juice, Hazy, Finger Width Head

Smell: Mango, Guava, Pineapple, Peach, Tropical Fruits

Taste: Floral, Hops

Aftermath: Dry Mouth

Experience: I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it (name that movie)! No, but really this beer is effing amazing! This is my summer time beer all day. The nose on this beer is ridiculous and the taste is so well balanced. I would think that this beer is an IPA but it is not and I have to say officially this is my favorite all time Pale Ale! I am just so blown away. We have many cases left at work and it is not really selling and that’s okay because that means more for me! Ha. Grade 5/5! First perfect score!

Crew Brew Review


Some of you may wonder if I really call beer brews. I don’t. I use the term brew only when I am joking around with friends and ask for a brewski bra! Ha. But this blog is brew review vs. beer review for a couple reasons. One, website domain can look off and be written wrong with the double “rr.” Second, Brew Review flows off the tongue better than Beer Review. It also just looks better with the double “ew.” I have been told I have a visual eye and see things differently than others.

Okay, let’s get into the crew review.  I wanted to compare the different style of Pale Ale’s and also wanted to try our two new limited time beers from Oskar Blues Brewery. We started with the Pilsner style then went into The Juice, Dale’s Pale Ale, and Sierra Nevada (to really compare).

Beers Tasted:

Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils
ABV 3.5% IBUs 35
Notes: Looked light, bubbly and like apple juice. Got citrus, malt and floral on the nose. Tasted sweet with lemon zest. Not a huge fan of pilsner and didn’t find this to be very exciting. Some of the crew members really liked and bought some to bring home!

Peak Organic The Juice Pale Ale
ABV 5.6%
Notes: Poured out like pineapple and hazy. The nose had mango, papaya, and peaches. It was floral and bitter on the tongue. A dry mouth on the end. I was all about this beer! I will be doing a review in full later this week on this beer.

Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale
ABV 6.5% IBUs 65
Notes: Amber, Gold colored with malt and citrus on the nose. Medium body and could taste the malt. It had hops up front and toasted nuts on the pallet.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
ABV 5.6% IBUs 38
Notes: Looked like apple juice, amber colored. Had pine and citrus on the nose. Tasted sweet, light and refreshing.

I had a hard time comparing the last two pale ales. I couldn’t pick up a lot of notes in the nose and my pallet was a little off. The crew really liked the Pilsner and the crew favorite was THE JUICE!! This was my favorite as well and was stocked to try it again.