Brew Review #55


Oskar Blues Brewery Old Chub Scotch Ale 

Canned on 4/21/17 (reviewed 8/24/17). ABV 8%

Color: Deep Reddish-Brown, No Head

Smell: Dog Treats, Beef

Taste: Stout Body, Medium Body, Beef Jerky

Aftermath: Leather, Grainy, Fruit Leather (now sweet)

Experience: What are that smell and taste? I know beef and dog treats may throw you off but that is the first thing that came to mind. It has a deep fruit leather texture and taste. This was a really good beer and unique! Heavy in ABV so I wouldn’t be crushing a lot of these in one night, but a slow sipper to truly enjoy the complexity of the beer. Grade 4.8/5.

Brew Review #54


The Unknown Brewing Co. Hospitali-Tea Southern Amber Ale

Canned. No Date. ABV 5.6%

Color: Deep Amber, Hazy, Two-Finger Head

Smell: Citrus, Orange Peel, Sticks

Taste: Carmel (not malt), Light Body, Tea

Aftermath: Smooth, Slight Hops

Experience: One of my favorite east coast breweries that make delicious, amazing IPAs. I was super stoked when my friend sent this can to me and found out that it was a unique and new beer that I have not had or from them. This was a southern twist on the traditional amber ale. So good! Grade 4.6/5.

Brew Review #52


Catawba Brewing Co. White Zombie White Ale 

Canned. No Date. ABV 5.1%

Color: Hazy, Gold, Straw, Half-Finger Head

Smell: Malt, Popcorn

Taste: Corn, Popcorn (???)

Aftermath: Smooth

Experience: Not really sure how to review this beer. This might be my first white ale. This beer just has no flavor. There is nothing going on on my palate. Has the smell of popcorn but there is nothing really going as I taste it. Easy drinking but just kind of boring. I could crush a few of these to just say I did. Grade 2.8/5.

Sunday Tastings


We got a new red ale and we had not done a tasting in a few weeks so it was time to do a tasting! We compared two reds, two pale ale’s, and tried an IPA and a new Oktoberfest. I have reviewed a few of these beers but always fun to do comparisons with the team and beers that they have not tried.

Beers Tasted:

Sierra Nevada’s Oktoberfest
ABV 6% IBUs 30
Notes: Dark golden in color, a lot of malts (for me) but actually balanced well and did not mind compared to other Oktoberfest German styles that I have had in the past.

Tioga-Sequoia Firefall Red
ABV 5.2% IBUs 20
Notes: Malt profile with a crisp refreshing hop balance is what the description said. I got malt but no hop balance. I remember the beer being very just flat at the end. I use to enjoy red ambers/ales but have not really tried too many recently. Think it would be a good idea to start exploring “old” styles I use to enjoy before IPAs.

Drive Thru Red Dry Hopped Red Ale
ABV 7.2% IBUs 42
Notes: I was interested to try a red ale that had the dry hopped process. Well, more malt than hops and very rich. Not a huge fan but others seemed to enjoy it.

Lagunitas Pale Ale New DogTown (see review) & Coronado Brewing Co. Easy Up Pale (see review)

Green Fog Brewing Organic IPA
ABV 6.5%
Notes: Was not very impressed by this at all. Did not have a lot of characteristics of an IPA or flavor. Did not see if there was a bottling date on this beers (assuming not) but that could have been the issue as well.


Brew Review #7


Family Brewery Huyghe Delirium Tremens (Belgian Ale) 

Canned with no date. ABV 8.5%

Color: Gold. Finger Width Head, Soapy Head

Smell: Sweet, Malty, Toasted Nuts, Floral

Taste: Sweet, Malty, Light Body

Aftermath: Sour, Sticky

Experience: After talking about the Belgian Ale’s I had at work this one reminds me of the group of Belgian Ale’s that I have a hard time enjoying. It is not a bad beer, just might be my pallet has a hard time appreciating this style. Does this mean I should only review the beers I enjoy and interests me? Or do I explore different types of beers? Grade 2/5.


Educating the Crew


I have a great job that allows me to share my passion for beer with the customers and the crew. Once a week I hold a beer tasting for my crew to educate them (and myself) about different beers that we carry. We have a smaller selection of beer and wish we had more but we do get new ones here and there and we get opportunity buys which are exciting.

When I do the beer tasting for the crew we talk about the type of beer, origin, history of the brewery, awards the beers have won, etc. We try to make it as interactive as possible. We all have different perceptions of how we think the beer taste and smell and that’s what makes it fun.

Lately, we have been doing beer pairings with food to learn more about what beer pairs best with what food (I mean beer goes with everything). The most recent tasting we did I pulled three Belgium Style Ales off the shelf and researched what we could pair and it said fruit pies. Perfect! Pair it with our Peach Blackberry Pie.


Beers Tasted:

Trader Joe’s (Unibroue)  Providential Belgian-Style Golden Ale

Unibroue La Fin Du Monde Belgian Triple

Chimay Bleue (Grande Reserve)

I went into the tasting with the mindset that I do not like Belgian-Style Ales because there are too heavy and malty. After the tasting, my mindset changed. The first beer, Trader Joe’s Providential Belgian-Style Golden Ale, I did not like as much because it reminded me of the style of beers I don’t like. Second, we tried the La Fin Du Monde and this changed my mood. Floral on the nose and light body that was extremely refreshing. The final beer, the Chimay Bleue had a banana on the nose, the head looked like a rootbeer float and tasted like burnt coffee beans. It was an enjoyable beer. I was happy I got to try these three to change my mindset.

I will try to post more about the different beer tastings we do at work in the future. Enjoy!